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    Understanding the 5 Types of Car Insurances in Dubai

    What is the first step after buying a car in Dubai? Registering and insuring your car as you cannot drive a car without insurance in Dubai as well as the other Arab Emirates. But to make sure to get the best suitable coverage for your car, you must understand the 5 different types of insurance […]

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    3 Amazing Tips to Save Money on Your Dubai Car Insurance

    If you are looking for car insurance in Dubai, the first thing you must understand is the number of options you have. In Dubai, there are more than a dozen insurance companies that can offer you customized low-cost car insurance plans that cater to your specific needs. With a wide range of options comes a […]

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    Things to Know Before Finding Insurance Plan for Your Luxury Car in Dubai

    If you are an expat living in Dubai, owning your dream car can be a possibility here as you can find plenty of luxury cars in the rich emirate. It is common for expats to buy cars here in Dubai that they never even thought of buying in their home countries. If you have just […]

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    Does Higher Auto Insurance Premium Also Mean Better Value for Money?

    Since 1st January 2017, auto insurance premium increased throughout UAE including Dubai. According to the automotive industry reports, almost 35% of the car owners in Dubai will be affected by this increase. With minimum premium fees increased, it is said that mostly low-cost car owners will be most affected. But the real question is, what […]

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    Solving the Mystery and Confusion Around Dubai Car Insurance

    Even though we all need car insurance in Dubai, but most often we don’t understand it completely. According to the latest survey conducted by, which is a leading finance comparison websites in UAE, a large proportion of drivers and car owners have entirely wrong expectations from the insurer-provider or simply don’t know about the […]

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