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Are You Asking the Right Questions When Buying Car Insurance in Dubai?

You have bought a new car and in the excitement of getting it registered as soon as possible, you have asked all the wrong questions while buying your insurance plan and later paid the price. This is a very common story shared by thousands of expats and locals in Dubai.

With varying insurance offers and features, it is extremely important to ask the right questions when buying an insurance policy if you want to get the best value for your money. If you are shopping for a car insurance plan, these are the questions you must ask your insurance provider.

What is the Type of Coverage that Best Fit My Needs?

There are two common options in Dubai – third party and comprehensive coverage. This is one of the most important questions you must ask. Learn about the benefits and disadvantages of both plans. When comprehensive coverage is expensive, it provides more coverage and looks best for new and expensive cars.

Third party insurance is cheaper but it doesn’t cover damages done to your car but only covers damages to other person’s vehicle. This looks good for older cars with low-cost repairs.

What Does the Car Insurance Cover?

Make sure to list everything covered by the insurance provider and then compare plans from different providers. For example, does the plan offer roadside assistance? Off-road coverage? Windscreen coverage? Agency repair?

You can also ask if it covers natural disasters as Dubai experience frequent sand storms that can damage the car especially the windscreen. Make sure you are covered for a natural disaster.

What Documents Do I Need to Get My Car Insured?

You must provide documents that show your driving experience and proof your identity. These documents in include a copy of driving license and copy of your vehicle registration card. If you are an expat, you also have to provide a copy of your passport photo page and visa page.

Ask About the Calculations Involved to Calculate the Premium?

This is often missed but it is very important if you want to negotiate a better price. Learn about how the insurance provider calculates the price of your premium and compare different insurance companies.

Ask About the Discounts?

If you have a clean driving record, you can save up to 40% as a no-claim bonus so make sure you are informed about all the available discounts.
By asking the right questions, you can negotiate a better price and can compare insurance plans to find the best value.

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