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Handy Tips for Dubai Car Insurance

Making the right decision when it comes to car insurance in Dubai can have a huge impact on your yearly savings. With a wide range of insurance policies with variation in the premium cost and coverage, finding the right fit for your needs and car is often a challenge. But if done right, it can surely save you a good amount of money.

So how do you ensure you have the right insurance for your car? – By learning about the Dubai insurance market and what is available for car owners.

The most common type of Dubai insurance is third party liability. It is used by most car owners in Dubai because it is cheaper but it also offers limited coverage. But if you own a second-hand car with low repair costs, this may sound a wise decision. As it only covers the damage done to third party vehicle and property, you are on your own. So it may not work if you own a new or expensive work.

If you have a third party liability for a new car, this may cost you a lot in case of an accident. So not a good option for an expensive car.

So what is the option for new and expensive cars? – Comprehensive insurance. It cost you a good amount in the form of yearly premium but it also offers extensive coverage for your car. These are also one of the most customized insurance policies in Dubai as car owners can negotiate with insurance companies to tailor the plan according to their needs.

For example, if you drive your car or jeep into desert occasionally, you can add off-road coverage in your plan for some additional fees. A simple comprehensive insurance plan covers against any damage, theft, accident or fire.

More Tips

Are you a good driver with a clean record? – If yes, don’t forget to ask for a no-claim bonus. If your insurance provider is reluctant to offer no-claim bonus discount, switch to the one that offers one as there are many insurance providers that offer different discounts as a no-claim bonus.

As there are a lot of options to explore and compare, it is advised to seek help from an independent consultant who can find the best plan for you if you don’t have time. Don’t just buy the insurance plan pushed by the car dealer, you can always find a better and more personalized plan if you look on your own.

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