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    Is Higher Insurance Premium in 2017 mean Better Benefits?

    From 1st January 2017, car owners are expected to pay a little more than what they were paying previously as premium under the new regulations by UAE government. But not everyone, it mostly affects those who were paying the least possible premium offered by insurance companies mostly for third party insurance. This is because the […]

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    What are the Benefits to Look for in Comprehensive Car Insurance in Dubai?

    For driving your own car in Dubai, you must have car insurance. For this, you have two basic options to choose from, cheaper third-party insurance that doesn’t cover much and the comprehensive insurance that is pricey but offers a lot more benefits and coverage. So what is recommended? Well, if you are buying a new […]

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    Selling a Car in Dubai: All You Need to Know

    Selling a car may look like a simple process but it is not. It is a stressful process that can exhaust sellers if they are not prepared and often intimidates them to sell the car for the lower price. Even though some people choose to sell the car at a lower price than actual value […]

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    5 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Luxury Car in Dubai

    One of the first things you notice about Dubai when you enter the city for the first time is the high number of luxury cars on the road. This is even a surprise for many expats from West and offers them a real opportunity to buy a luxury car for themselves. When everyone around you […]

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    A Quick Guide to Insuring a Second-Hand Car In Dubai

    For many people working in Dubai, buying a brand new car is not a financially sound decision. You not only have to pay a hefty price for the new car but also have to pay for expensive comprehensive insurance with high yearly premium. In fact, if you want to save money on your yearly insurance […]

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