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Let us know how we should address you
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If you are renewing your insurance, please tell us which insurance company your car is currently insured with.This way we can see whether it would be more beneficial to stick with your current insurer. If you are buying a car, please let us know here by saying "buying".  
Have you claimed recently? If not, you may be eligible for a discount. Sometimes, you may need to get a certificate from your old insurance company, but not always. If this is your first car in the UAE but you"ve owned cars before, let us know your claims history anyway. 
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AFIA is one of the largest car insurance providers in Dubai and across the UAE. We insure almost every other car you see on Sheikh Zayed Road.

Our scale and reputation enable us to be in a position to negotiate the best deals for you and provide you with the option to choose from all of the leading car insurance companies in the UAE – on exclusive scheme terms that you wouldn’t be able to procure from them directly or elsewhere.

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