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Travel, home or medical claim

Quite simply, we need valid evidence for all your claims, so do send all possibly relevant documents our way. When we hear from you we will promptly send you the appropriate claims form which you would have to fill in for us. Don’t worry if you forget to send us anything, we will ask for it.

In case you don’t understand the procedures, you’d prefer that we tell you the requirements for your specific circumstances first. So feel free to only fill in your contact details and we will get back to you. It may waste some time but at least you won’t have to guess if you’re unsure!

Examples of documents to submit:
Travel: Police reports (even for loss of passports), airline certificates in the case of lost baggage upon arrival.
Medical: Claims forms signed by doctors, doctor’s reports, prescriptions, pharmacy bills, lab report bills.
Home: Photos of damage, police reports, repair estimates.
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