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Bidding Adieu to Ignorance about Key Covers of Car Insurance In Dubai and Across the UAE

When asked to define the best and the right way to grow, sages categorically say that embracing changes is the only way for achieving growth in any field. But it is surprising to note that there is resistance among many people to embracing changes. The people we are talking about are those drivers in the UAE who steadfastly refuse to understand the complete scope of their car insurance. This is what has made the UAE insurance companies lament that many car drivers do not try to fully know about their vehicle insurance.

According to these companies, this is perhaps one of the major reasons that result in a large number of car insurance disputes that have been perniciously affecting their performance. These drivers cannot be branded as “refuseniks.” But they keep stalling acquiring the required knowledge about the key covers of car insurance. But the fact remains that drivers can make informed buying decisions if they possess this knowledge.

To sum up, drivers in the UAE must take immediate steps to understand the key covers of their car insurance. Let us now look at the covers that come with the car insurance policies that are bought through us.

1. Loss of the Vehicle or Damage to It

A car insurance bought through us covers the accidental loss of the insured vehicle or damages to it but the loss or the damage must have been caused by an insured peril.

2. Third Party Physical Injury

The policy covers the legal liability of the insured in the event of having to compensate for any physical injury to a third party or death of the party that may have resulted due to an accident.

3. Damage to the Property of a Third Party

The insurance bought through us provides cover for the legal liability of the insured in the event of having to compensate for damages, if any, to the materials or the property of a third party, that may have been caused due to an accident.

4. Medical Expenses

The policy covers to a limited extent the cost of medical treatment that may have become necessary due to an accident. But the cover will apply only if the accident has occurred while using an insured vehicle and the medical treatment is the direct result of the accident.

5. Personal Belongings

A car insurance bought through us covers the value of the personal belongings if they are lost or damaged while using the insured vehicle.

6. Natural Perils Like Storms, Floods, etc.

A car insurance policy covers accidental loss of an insured vehicle or damages to it that may have been caused due to natural perils like storms, floods, etc.

7. Oman Extension

A car insurance policy of the UAE that is bought through us provides cover for an insured vehicle if it is temporarily used in the Sultanate of Oman.

8. Agency Repair

The policy also covers repair costs that may be incurred due to accidental damages to the insured vehicle but the repairs must be carried out within the UAE by the authorized dealers of the manufacturer.

9. Hire car and Valet Facilities

We offer hire-car facility during the period when repairs due to a covered accident are being carried out to an insured vehicle. We provide valet facility also for handing over the hire car either at the home of the insured or at his or her office and for taking back the hire car after the repairs are fully completed.

10. Roadside Assistance

We, at AFIA Insurance, have put in place a large network of breakdown and accident recovery centers and these centers offer round-the-clock services on all the days of the year. These services cover both own vehicles and the private cars the insured clients use for traveling. We assure that we will reach the site of the breakdown within one hour after the client sends his or her request. If we fail to do so, we undertake to pay the client an amount of AED 150.

11. Personal Accident Cover for Drivers

The driver of an insured car will get compensation if he or she sustains serious physical injuries while driving the vehicle. The compensation will be available for the death of the driver also while using the car.

12. Passengers Are Covered Also for Personal Accidents

If passengers traveling by an insured vehicle sustain physical injuries, they will also be compensated. Compensation will be available even for the death of the passengers while traveling by the vehicle.

13. GCC Cover

If an insured car is lost or damaged when it is used in GCC countries, car insurance bought through us will cover the loss or the damage. But third party liability is not included in this. If clients want this cover also, they have to purchase it separately at the time of entering the borders of these countries.

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