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Car Insurance With AFIA


We’ve partnered with leading car insurers in the UAE to bring you the most competitive quotes and customise your policy to suit your needs.

Our scale and reputation enable us to be in a position to negotiate the best deals for you and provide you with the option to choose from all of the leading car insurance companies in the UAE – on exclusive scheme terms that you wouldn’t be able to procure from them directly or elsewhere.

How It Works

  • You fill in the form
  • You receive a comparison of the best deals in your inbox from your dedicated Insurance Advisor
  • You send us your documents (ID, car registration) along with the confirmation code from our payment portal.
  • We send you your policy right away.


We take pride in the standard of our policies, so you can rest assured that you’ll have the best cover on the road in the UAE and Oman. We offer several options to add even more value to your policy with the below benefits.

Hire Car

With the hire car option, you’ll never have to worry about getting around in the event of an accident.

Agency Repair

With cover for repairs by the agent for your vehicle make, the resale value of your of your car won’t be dented by an accident.

GCC Cover

An extension for coverage in other GCC countries means you can take a holiday or travel for business and still be covered.

Personal Accident Cover

In the event that you or one of your passengers suffers bodily injury in an accident, your policy will pay out up to 200 000 Dirhams.

Protect Your No- Claims Discount

If you have not been responsible for any serious accidents for 5 years in a row, your no-claims bonus is safe in the event that you need to lodge a small claim.

Roadside Assistance

An invaluable optional extra for speedy assistance at the roadside, in the event that you have a breakdown or run out of gas.

Join AFIA’s community of satisfied customers – contact us today and get the best value in insurance deals. Our retail website, has a rating of 4.9/5 on Google, so you can trust that we’re among the top rated insurance providers in the UAE!

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Let us know how we should address you
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How many years have you had a UAE driving licence for?
What year was the car manufactured? (please note, if different, please tell us when the car was first registered)
Where will your car be registered i.e. which authority will you get your Mulkiya from? This is usually the same Emirate that your visa is from.
How much is your car worth? If you're not sure, do you remember how much it was worth last year?
If you don't know, just put down a '?' and we'll recommend a FREE insurance valuation for your car.
Would you like to insure your own car as well as people and property outside your vehicle? If so, select Comprehensive. If you would just like to insure your liability i.e. people and property that you may collide into while driving your vehicle, then please select Third Party Only.
If you are renewing your insurance, please tell us which insurance company your car is currently insured with.This way we can see whether it would be more beneficial to stick with your current insurer. If you are buying a car, please let us know here by saying 'buying'.
Have you claimed recently? If not, you may be eligible for a discount. Sometimes, you may need to get a certificate from your old insurance company, but not always. // If this is your first car in the UAE but you've owned cars before, let us know your claims history anyway.

We'll email a comparison table, help you choose and email your policy!

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