Group life Insurance

group life insurance

AFIA’s Employee Benefits team would be happy to setup a Group Life insurance policy for you. In the UAE, this is a very popular policy, typically put in place as an upgrade over and above the basic Workmen’s Compensation policy. It would provide a compensation to the company and/or the family members of an employee in the event of their death, disablement or critical illness (based on the policy that we structure for you). The compensation amount may be a flat amount based on employee category or a multiple of their annual salary.

Individual employees usually find it difficult and expensive to put their life insurance place whilst they work in the UAE and a Group Life insurance from their employer would certainly be an attractive perk for them as part of their overall benefits package – especially given the extremely low cost and administrative effort involved in putting a Group Life insurance in place. Often, we may be able to bolt on the Life benefit to your Group Health plan as well. Please speak with your advisor from AFIA for more information.

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