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Trade Credit Insurance from AFIA

AFIA has a renowned specialist insurance broker unit for Trade Credit Insurance in Dubai, serving companies the opportunity to comprehensively insure their accounts receivables with ease and at competitive rates.

With your specialist and dedicated Key Account Manager from AFIA, you enjoy the added facility to help negotiate with your credit insurance company the best possible terms on your policy as well as the highest possible limits on all your buyers so that you can grow your business without worrying about credit or political risk.

AFIA is pleased to enjoy preferential relationships with all the leading trade credit and political risk insurance companies including:

1. Atradius
2. Coface
3. Euler Hermes
4. Markel
5. AIG
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Why do you need Trade Credit Insurance in Dubai?

UAE is a prime location for international trade. With many companies establishing their regional offices in the country, there is a great opportunity for trade.

Trade Credit Insurance enables businesses to optimise the opportunities by enabling them to provide credit to clients without the risk of financial loss due to the client’s inability to pay due to insolvency.

Generally, trade credit insurance enables businesses to:

– Protect the balance sheet and secure accounts receivable

– Ensure profitability by mitigating the credit risk

– Extend services to new clients which can result to increase in the market share

To stay on top of the market, businesses need to be competitive and flexible. With Trade Credit Insurance, your business can offer flexible and attractive credit terms while protecting your cash flow.

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