Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance from AFIA

AFIA successfully serves a large portfolio of clients in the field of professional indemnity insurance. Our role is to understand your business and identify the parties that you owe a duty of care towards. Based on this we would structure a bespoke professional liability policy for you that would cover you for any kind of professional negligence that may accidentally occur in the process of delivering your services.

Once you complete the form on the right, we would usually look to have a quick phone call with you and thereafter have you complete a more detailed proposal form relevant to your business. After this we would work with our underwriting guidelines to propose suitable quotations based on your exposures and the geographical scope of your business.

We successfully serve the PI needs of various professional practitioner companies as below:
4.Financial service advisors
5.Auditing companies
7.Doctors and other health practitioners (medical malpractice insurance)

Furthermore, we would be happy to add extensions to your professional indemnity cover to include errors and omissions by your staff and directors’ and officers’ liability.

In some cases, if you are delivering the work yourself, you may also need public liability insurance in addition to your professional indemnity insurance. Please speak to your insurance advisor from AFIA to learn more.


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