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Tips for Finding the Best insurance for Your Car

Car insurance is mandatory in Dubai, so this is the first thing you may want to look into if you are planning to buy a new car or if you want to switch your current insurance plan with a better one.

The good news is – there are plenty of insurance providers that offer a wide range of different plan with an option of preparing a customized plan specifically for your needs. But the wide range of options and multiple insurance providers also make it difficult for car owners to decide about the best plan. In case you are also confused which insurance plan suits best for your needs and which one offers the best value for your money, we have listed some tips to help you find the best possible insurance plan for your car.

Explore with Patience

The available options are overwhelming that will push you to get the first deal that makes sense to you but once it is done, most of us find out that there was a better alternative available. This is why it is important to relax and take your time while exploring and comparing different insurance plans.

Seek Advice

The huge range of deals available is not only confusing but also includes technical terms and offers. This is why it is best to seek help from advisers and consultants.


About the Math Involve Understanding the math involved in your insurance plan is one of the most important elements of finding the best deal. It is the mathematical calculations and the formula you agree upon that will calculate your yearly premium. You will find different yearly premium rates offered by insurance providers based on the value of the car, claims history, a model of the car, the age of the driver and the size of the engine. Learn about how these factors affect your overall premium rate and try to negotiate a good deal.


Between Third-Party Only Insurance and Comprehensive Plan Comprehensive coverage is detailed and offers a lot of additional benefits but it is also expensive. On the other hand, third-party insurance is cheaper but it covers damages and injuries to the other person or his car. If your car is new with very expensive repair costs, comprehensive plans are suitable but for older cars where repairs are cheap, third party coverage can save some money.

Don’t Forget to Include No-Claim Bonus in Your Plan

If you have a clean driving history with no claims in last few years, it is best to get an insurance plan from the provider that offers no-claim discounts. Some companies offer different discounts for the number of years without any claim. If you have no-claim history for last 5 years, you can save up to 40% on your premium plan. So make sure to discuss no-claim bonus when you are negotiating you plan terms.

Based on the listed tips, you can ensure that you get the best possible insurance plans for your vehicle for the price that is affordable.

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