About us

Who we are

AFIA is one of the largest and most well respected insurance brokerage companies in the UAE. Since AFIA’s inception in 1995, we have always had a:

  • Qualified advisory infrastructure,
  • Robust insurance procurement process and
  • Committed after-sales service proposition

This has rewarded us with a considerable portfolio of long-term clients, making us one of the top producers for all the leading multinational and local insurance companies in the UAE.

We are therefore well placed to advise any business or individual on all of their insurance requirements and thereafter procure the best terms. Along with this, we have all our insurance policies backed up with the assurance of a market leading in-house service and claims mediation team.

Accordingly, our rates are preferable, our service rarely bettered, and our recommended coverage and insurance advice careful and considered. With AFIA, you will be in safe hands, working with a team of sincere and able individuals that want to make sure that your business or household is protected from all insurable risk in the most economically efficient way. We are proud of who we are and how we delight our customers.

In Business Since


Certified by the UAE Insurance Authority and The Dubai Health Authority


Sincere Employees

Over AED 10 billion Worth of Policies Issued Each Year


Clients Insured Annually

Highest Rated Insurance Provider. Our Google Rating 4.9/5

(10,000+ Reviews)

Two floors of office space in Barsha Heights


Strategic Orientation

At AFIA, our vision is like the one of Dubai herself: to stay ahead of the game. We like to be innovators. We like to think of newer and clever ways of doing things. By aspiring to continuously improve our operational efficiency, we aspire to be the best at what we do and continue doing it better and better forever. Our business has always only served the insurance market and by not diversifying into other potential sources of income, we maintain our specialist commitment to professionalism.

We will always do insurance and we will always do it better. We are our own competition.

In line with this, we like to work with businesses that not only respect the significance of sound risk management but also have a strategic direction in terms of long-term business development.

Our management

AFIA’s qualified and experienced leadership team provides our 200+ capable employees with all the resources needed to be able to happily and effectively serve AFIA’s valued clients.

Avinash Babur ACII

Chief Executive Officer

Fayaz Kariyambath

General Manager

Mahesh Balani

Chief Operating Officer

Ameet Lakhiani

Chief Financial Officer

Hitesh Motwani CertCII

Chief Marketing Officer

Hussain Fakhruddin

Chief Technology Officer

Paula Melendres

Chief Digital Transformation Officer

Shalini Babur CIPD

Chief Human Resources Officer

Rachel Al Mughairi DipCII

Chief Engagement Officer

Veeral Joshi

Chief Retail Development Officer

Tarique Mahar

Director – Corporate Insurance Advisory

Walaa Alsahin

Director – Operations

Zainab Noor

Director – Advisory

Jeffrey Cruz

Unit Head – Retail Renewals

Dexter Quito

Unit Head – Retail Medical

Santhosh Ganesan

Head – Life Insurance & Financial Planning

Eshwar Dass

Deputy Manager – Finance & Compliance

Ram Dizon

Financial Controller

Faizal Basheer

Manager – IT, Security and Office Maintenance

Shaima Al Mehairi

Money Laundering Reporting Officer

Gloria Hurboda

Claims Manager

AFIA Insurance Brokerage Services L.L.C. registration no. 85, under United Arab Emirates Insurance Authority