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Who we are and where we’re going

AFIA is one of the oldest, most well respected insurance advisors and consultants in the Middle East. Operations were started in 1995, when we noticed that there was a niche in the market for effective, well targeted insurance based on appropriate risk assessment.

We foresaw that delighting customers was essential not just for business, but because AFIA should work for the customer, not for the insurance company. Now AFIA has a large portfolio of well over 25,000 clients, and we’ve been delighted to meet and work with many warm, friendly customers over the years.

AFIA has developed excellent relations with many leading insurance companies. Business is always based on trust; we trust them, and they trust us to deliver carefully assessed business. Accordingly, our rates are preferable, our service rarely bettered, and our coverage careful and considered.

At AFIA we aim to achieve three things. Firstly, we’re very proud to represent you, the client. We’re proud we can get you the best policy at the best price, and we’re believers in the minors taking on the mighty. We’ll be by your side.

Secondly, we want to make what ever insurance you’re after as easy for you as possible. The history of insurance has always seen it to be selective and exclusive. But it shouldn’t be. Everyone should be able to benefit from having risks properly managed. So WE should understand insurance as well as we possibly can, and guide you towards what’s best for you.

Thirdly, we always want to be ahead of the game.  What is the point in being a market follower? (Readers of Schumpeter can disagree). The insurance market will always change, and the market in the UAE will always change, so we constantly strive to conjure thoughtful, clever new methods, products and services for you.

AFIA is a Limited Liability Company registered as Insurance Brokers with the Ministry of Economy and Commerce, Economic Department of Dubai and Chambers of Commerce.