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What can AFIA do for me?

AFIA is based around four key concepts:

Attractive Price
Friendly Service
Ideal Security
Adequate Cover

Crucially for customers, the cost is bared by the insurance companies, who have set allowances for administration. Therefore we can offer our services to clients for free. After all, we’re here for you.

This means, in the event of you needing to register a claim, we’re here for you and we’re by your side. In fact, we doubt you’d ever even need to open your policy. Our excellent relationship with insurance providers means we even have preferential treatment and fast-track claims service just for you.

In the insurance industry, representation for the customer is essential. Our excellent staff here at AFIA allows us to technically and meticulously analyse each risk, be it complicated commercial liability policies, or straightforward car insurance. By offering insurance companies a better understanding of the risk exposure, they are able to underwrite more accurately, drastically improving the cost of insurance for both parties. This also means we can get a far better policy for you, as we know what you will need, and we know the way the insurance market works. We can sort out the ambiguities associated with insurance, ensuring your policy is thorough and acceptable such that you’ll be in complete ‘peace of mind’ not just in terms of coverage but also in the procedure of getting the insurance in the first place.

AFIA Insurance is a highly reputed placer of large volumes of business with insurance companies, which means we have strong bargaining power in the market. Let us negotiate for the best price and the best cover on your behalf.